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Dr. Mavalankar at CCJR, Las Vegas, USA

Dr. Mavalankar at Current Concepts in Joint Replacement (CCJR)  Meeting at  Las Vegas, USA, 17-20 May 2015  presenting his case of  ‘Bilateral Revision Total Knee Replacement’·       

With Dr. Leo Whiteside, one of the leading knee surgeons, at the CCJR meeting in Las Vegas.

What do the patients of Revision Knee Replacement Say?

I was suffering from Osteo-arthritis of both knee joints for a long time. So, I decided to go for Total Knee Replacement to get freedom from severe pain. Left Knee replacement (TKR) was performed in January 2011 and Right TKR was performed in July 2011. After one year of each surgery, the trouble started and pain gradually increased in both knees. My legs started bending outwards and they looked like cow's horns. Within three years, walking became almost impossible and I became practically bed-ridden. The first ray of hope was given by Dr. Ashutosh P. Mavalankar when we consulted him in November 2014. After a thorough examination, he advised Revision TKR Surgery on both sides.

The Right Revision TKR Surgery was performed on 6th January 2015, and though there was extensive damage inside, I made a complete recovery within 3 months. The Left Knee Revision Surgery was done on 14th April 2015. Dr. Mavalankar and his team took a lot of care to implant almost nine implants after rectifying severe damage they found inside. Again the Surgery was a Masterpiece from Dr. Mavalankar and I made a speedy recovery within two months.

I am extremely thankful to Dr. Mavalankar, as I had no hope whatsoever, that I would ever be able to walk again. Today, I am walking on my own without any support. A Walker and a Stick have become history. To me it was really a miracle and it would not be any exaggeration if I say that Dr. Ashutosh Mavalankar is a Master of Revision Knee Surgeries.

Hemaben Mehta, Ahmedabad

I had an excellent result from both the knees replaced by Dr. Mavalankar almost 14 years ago.  Since I had a very active lifestyle , my right knee became painful and loose giving me some pain and difficulty in carrying out my daily activities. Dr. Mavalankar performed a Revision Knee Replacement before 6 months and I am now again back to my normal life.  I am very much thankful to Dr. Mavalankar for providing such wonderful care.

Sulochanaben Shah, Ahmedabad

I had a knee replacement performed which got infected. I had a lot of pain due to the  infection which could not be controlled by my treating doctor.  I then approached Dr. Mavalankar who removed the infected joint in the first place and then reimplanted a new joint after 6 weeks.  It is now one year since my revision knee operation and I have recovered well from my operation. I thank  Dr. Mavalankar for providing excellent treatment.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, USA

A case of failed total knee replacement on both sides operated for Revision on both knees by Dr Mavalankar (This case was presented at CCJR meeting)

62 year old lady who had a  bilateral knee replacement performed elsewhere started getting severe pain and recurrence of deformity of both knees 1 year after the surgery.  X-rays confirmed failure of both knee replacements. She was, therefore, operated for revision of both knee joints with implantation of special revision knee implants using careful preoperative planning and meticulous technique. Three months after surgery, she is walking without any pain in her knees and has a good function. She is extremely  satisfied with the  outcome of the treatment. The newly implanted joint has special design which would encourage bone ingrowth which in turn would increase its longevity.